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How CMBC Helps Billing Companies & Recruiters?

With our training courses the candidates get an overall knowledge of medical billing. U.S. medical billing is a complex process with strict HIPAA guidelines. When billing companies in India hire a fresher, they are able to train them with only limited aspects of billing since companies don’t have time and resources to fully train the employees. This creates serious quality issues because any billing or coding error directly effects revenues of their clients. This leads to loss of revenue and business for many billing companies. So, we indirectly help these companies to sustain business and improve their quality of processes.

Even the candidates who get trained at our institute get various benefits out of this training course. First of all, they get both theoretical and practical training, and then two weeks of free internship to get hands on experience. Another major advantage is that they get better employment and growth opportunities because they get well versed with each aspect of billing. Billing companies see them as real assets and retain them for long term.